New features in AnyChart JS Charts 8.9.0
New features in AnyChart JS Charts 8.9.0

AnyChart 8.9.0 is out! The latest major update brings new exciting out-of-the-box features to our award-winning JavaScript charting library product family — AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyGantt, and AnyMap. Enjoy the improved functionality and build even more compelling data visualizations for your web sites and apps in less time!

New JS Chart Features

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In these times of exponentially growing data, visualization is a necessary skillset to have in your tool box. Popular techniques include bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, and bubble maps among others.

Building interactive charts from scratch with JavaScript can be a difficult endeavor for any developer, especially someone starting out new. That is exactly why we have JS charting libraries which make it much easier and quicker to conjure up insightful visualizations!

Read on to see how I create a JavaScript Bubble Map with one of these libraries.

JavaScript Charting Libraries

There are quite a few great JavaScript libraries available to use and each one of them has its own pros and cons. But the best part is that the process of building charts with all of them is mostly similar. So, you can learn the ropes with any one and then use whichever library suits your requirement for a particular project. …

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For those unfamiliar with DataViz Weekly, each Friday we select the most interesting data visualization projects from all we’ve discovered these days around the internet. Then we present them in a dedicated summary post. Look at our new picks!

  • Electric, hybrid, and gas car costs vs emissions — NYT
  • Nearest English football team — Automatic Knowledge
  • Map of 100,000 books — David Manzanares
  • Drone privacy legislation worldwide — Surfshark

Electric, Hybrid, and Gas Car Costs vs Emissions

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Lately, we’ve come across a number of compelling new data visualizations on climate change and related topics. And we’ll tell you about some of the most interesting ones right now! Check out the new DataViz Weekly roundup.

  • Fingerprints of climate change in 2020 — Reuters
  • Global warming in European municipalities — EDJNet
  • Top greenhouse gas emitters — WRI
  • Future of U.S. fossil fuel-fired electricity — Emily Grubert

Fingerprints of Climate Change in 2020

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Each week throughout the 2020 year, we curated the most interesting data visualizations from around the Web and introduced them to you in the DataViz Weekly roundup. Now is the time to look at the best of the best!

We will hand you over to distinguished experts — Nathan Yau, Alli Torban, Lea Pica, Kenneth Field, and the GIJN team — who have already made their (brilliant) choices. Meet their picks for the best data visualizations of 2020!

Best Charts of 2020 — Nathan Yau

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2020 was strange. It was difficult. But it was. Happy New Year everyone! 🎉

Even though 2020 was not that bad in everything, we all hope, of course, that 2021 will be (much) better. Let it be so! But before we dive into the new one, let’s take a glance back and remember 2020 as is, with the help of great data visualizations.

The January 1st issue of DataViz Weekly invites you to look through the lists of the charts included in the year-in-review features on Visual Capitalist, Recode by Vox, FiveThirtyEight, and The Economist. …

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Merry Christmas everyone (who’s celebrating)! 🎄
Meanwhile: COVID, election, and environment — the topics quite symbolic for this year are in the spotlight of today’s, the year’s last DataViz Weekly. Don’t miss out on some of the latest best data visualizations!

Look at the list of projects featured on DataViz Weekly this time and keep reading to learn more about each:

  • Winners of the 2020 U.S. election by funding from Wall Street — Bloomberg
  • COVID-19 infection rates in prisons by state — The Marshall Project
  • Novel coronavirus strains in evolution worldwide — Reuters
  • River colors across the United States — Gardner Hydrology Lab at…

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Would you like to know how to easily create an interactive Marimekko chart for HTML5 based apps and Web pages using JavaScript? If yes, you are on the best path to learning this.

Also known as Mekko charts and market maps, Marimekko charts display numerical values that vary from 0% to 100% in its Y-axis. The most exciting part lies in their X-axis, which indicates the sum of values within categories. Each category’s width along the X-axis portraits the whole category’s contribution to a total of all data. In simple words, this is a type of a stacked chart that visualizes categorical data. …

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Get ready for another dose of amazing charts and maps! DataViz Weekly ‘s here to show you a set of new projects featuring graphics that make data talk — excellent examples of data visualization in action!

Here are this week’s picks:

  • Over 200 years of migrations in the American South — Edward Ayers, Nathaniel Ayers & Justin Madron
  • NBA fouls and violations, by referee — Owen Phillips
  • U.S. unemployment change, by occupation — Nathan Yau
  • U.S. hospital COVID-19 bed occupancy — Carlson School of Management at UMN

200+ Years of Migrations in American South

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Welcome back to DataViz Weekly, where we overview the best new data visualizations created by professionals. As always, let’s begin with a list of the projects we’re excited to put a spotlight on, and then take a closer look at each:

  • Exploring letter communication networks of the Tudor government in the 16th century — Kim Albrecht, Ruth Ahnert & Sebastian Ahnert
  • Tracking the most promising coronavirus vaccines — Bloomberg
  • Defining “essential” and “frontline” workers for vaccination — NYT
  • Understanding the U.S. energy use evolution since 1800 — RDCEP, UChicago

Exploring Tudor Government’s Letter Communication Networks, 1509–1603



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