An upgrade of the Stacked Waterfall Chart Extension for Qlik Sense

Cross-Category Arrow Connectors

What’s New in AnyChart JS 8.10.0

Circle Packing Chart

  • Minority unemployment rates in 15 large U.S. cities. — Bloomberg
  • Early proposals for congressional redistricting in Oregon, Indiana, and Colorado — The Washington Post
  • Time use of American men and women by employment status — Nathan Yau

Intensive Care Unit Occupancy Rates in U.S.

  • Germany under the 16-year leadership of Angela Merkel — Reuters
  • Sounds of Caracas — Valeria Escobar
  • Abnormally hot summer nights in American cities — The Upshot

Canadian Federal Elections Since 2000

  • Excess deaths worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic — The Economist
  • Ida-caused power outage in New Orleans as seen from space — NASA Earth Observatory
  • Average seasonal colors of the United States — Erin Davis

Black Mortality Gap in America

What is an OHLC chart and what does it represent?

An OHLC chart shows the open, high, low, and closing prices of a stock. It is a type of bar chart that is used to illustrate movements in the price of a financial instrument over…

  • Relationship between temperature, income, and mortality — Bloomberg Green
  • U.S. electricity mix by state — Visual Capitalist
  • Congressional redistricting rules and practices — The Washington Post

Current and Historic Drought Conditions in U.S.


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