AnyChart 7.14.0 Released: New Chart Types, Technical Indicators, Google Spreadsheets Data Loader, and more

We’re happy to announce that the 7.14.0 release of our JavaScript charting libraries AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyMap and AnyGantt is out and ready to download!

Below is an overview of highlights of what was added with the latest major update, taken from the original news published on the AnyChart Blog.

New JavaScript Chart Types in 7.14.0

Quadrant Chart

Quadrantize discrete data to choose between multiple alternatives. The Quadrant Chart type helps categorize and prioritize information. Check out Quadrant Chart samples: Business Intelligence (BI) Software, Eisenhower Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Scattered Data.

Venn Diagram

Reveal similarities and nesting relationships between different sets by visualizing data on a Venn Diagram. This chart type graphically represents data as overlapping circles and is helpful in contrasting and categorizing diverse groups of things — see our charting examples.

Mekko Chart (Marimekko Chart) and Mosaic Chart

Enable multidimensional overview of data by using the Mekko Chart and Mosaic Chart types. Featuring 2 categorical axes, both X and Y, they work well for exploring relationships between different variables, e.g. visualizing product sales, skills across jobs, etc.

Bar Mekko Chart

Focus on only one segment of data while staying on a Mekko plot by letting in the Bar Mekko Chart type. The new chart type is now available in the AnyChart JS charting library out of the box and is nicely suitable for adding trendlines and displaying both positive and negative values.

Waterfall Chart

Display the cumulative effect of positive and negative values introduced sequentially. The new Waterfall Chart type is a great instrument to explore processes, e.g. research, production, sales, and so on. NB: AnyChart can get data both as absolute values and as deltas.

Stacked Stock Chart

Show the cumulative, total value of all series on a Stock Chart by applying data to the Stacked Stock Chart type. Basically, stacking is not used in financial charting but can be helpful for other purposes: sales, web analytics, or any other timeline data over a long time.

Tag Cloud (World Cloud)

Represent text data graphically with the help of Tag Clouds (also Word Clouds), now available in AnyChart with color scale for categorization and many word arrangement and interactivity settings. A Tag Cloud helps reveal the most prominent keywords or tags in a text body.

New JavaScript Charting Features and Tools in 7.14.0

Marquee Select and Zoom

Make exploratory data analysis easier by using Marquee Select and Zoom tools in the AnyChart and AnyStock JavaScript charting libraries. Integrate them with a custom UI through events to make your JavaScript charts even more consistent and intuitive.

Google Spreadsheets Data Loader

Load data into JavaScript charts and dashboards directly from Google Spreadsheets with the help of our Data Adapter. Getting data from any public spreadsheet into JavaScript charting libraries AnyChart, AnyMap, AnyStock and AnyGantt is now easy.

5 New Technical Indicators

Boost the technical analysis by making use of 5 new technical indicators introduced in our AnyStock JavaScript charting library with the 7.14.0 release: ADL, CCI, CMF, DMI, and CHO. As of now, AnyStock features a total of 21 fine-tuned technical indicators!

Text Wrap (‘byWord’)

Format texts on your JavaScript charts in a better way with the help of the Text Wrap ‘byWord’ feature just added to the AnyChart library by popular request. This will allow you to make sure the entire output wording looks cute and is especially print-friendly.

Scale Sync

Synchronize the scales when depicting different kinds of data on a single interactive JavaScript chart. The new Scale Sync feature will allow you to build good-looking complex data visualization and even seamlessly add stacked series to a combined chart.

Other Improvements in AnyChart JS Charts 7.14.0

In addition to so many new JavaScript (HTML5) charting tools and features and chart types introduced with the 7.14.0 release, we’ve also made a number of minor but still very important improvements, bug fixes, and JavaScript Charting API optimizations. You’ll find comprehensive lists of changes in the version histories of the libraries you are using, here are quick links to those sections: AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyMap, AnyGantt.

Expect AnyChart 7.15.0 in September 2017

To sum up, the 7.14.0 update of our JavaScript charting libraries is huge, bringing you a lot of new cool stuff to further ease and improve the data visualization experience. And the 7.15.0 release is going to be another awesome news! Scheduled for September 2017, it will feature the Plugins and Modules System, Node.js based server-side rendering, Chart Editor 2.0, and a lot of major general API improvements.

So, enjoy AnyChart 7.14.0!

Please also let us know if you want any new chart type or feature for your data visualization needs. We’ll be happy to consider adding it to our roadmaps (quick links: AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyMap, AnyGantt). And you might even get it with the 7.15.0 release.

Thanks for staying with us! Happy JavaScript charting! Don’t forget to check out the Choose Right Chart Type for Data Visualization series of articles on our blog — it tells about what form of dataviz to pick for one or another purpose.

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