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Data Design Advises by Edward Tufte

We continue posting interesting tips from Edward Tufte‘s works.

We appreciate his works very much, especially The Visual Display Of Quantitative Information, which we recommend to any developers or designers.

As it says,

Graphical displays should

show the data induce the viewer to think about the substance rather than about methodology, graphic design, the technology of graphic production, or something else avoid distorting what the data have to say present many numbers in a small space make large data sets coherent encourage the eye to compare different pieces of data reveal the data at several levels of detail, from a broad overview to the fine structure serve a reasonably clear purpose: description, exploration, tabulation, or decoration be closely integrated with the statistical and verbal descriptions of a data set.

AnyChart is an instrument. We give the opportunity to create many different charts in many different ways, and this powerful instrument should be used correctly.

Speaking of “encouraging the eye to compare different pieces of data”: compare a table and a graphical representation of the famous Anscombe’s Quartet:

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As you can see, in this case the graphical representation speaks loudly, whilst the table remains silent.

We will go on posting here some important tips from Edward Tufte’s books, but after all, the most helpful thing is just considering carefully the way to visualize your data.

About us: AnyChart develops cross-platform HTML5/JS solutions for data visualization. Our latest generation of products includes: AnyChart — flexible JS charts and AnyGantt — beautiful HTML5 Gantt charts.

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