Look How Much Was Done! AnyChart JS Charts 2016 Year in Review Lists What’s New

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Last year was very busy and fruitful for our AnyChart JS Charts team. In fact, we went all out to make our JavaScript (HTML5) charting libraries AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyGantt, and AnyMap even much more feature-rich, flexible, user-friendly, and faster with only one purpose — to bring you an unprecedented data visualization experience.

Looking back, we are proud of how MUCH was done in 2016! And we decided to invite you to join us in quickly reviewing this year’s accomplishments that further strengthened AnyChart’s global leadership in interactive data visualization.

Without more ado, here is the list of new product and feature arrivals as well as major improvements to our JavaScript-based charting solutions — a great chance to make sure you did not miss any important innovation.

1. More Chart Types.

Graphs and diagrams

  • Treemap charts
  • Linear gauges — LED, tank, and thermometer
  • 3D area charts
  • 3D bar charts
  • 3D column charts

(AnyChart gallery)

Stock and financial charts

  • Candlestick charts
  • Spline charts
  • Step line charts
  • Area charts
  • Step area charts
  • Spline area charts
  • Marker charts
  • Range column charts
  • Range area charts
  • Range spline area charts

(AnyStock gallery)

Gantt charts

  • PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) charts
  • Resource charts (redesigned; beta)

(AnyGantt gallery)


  • Dot (point) maps
  • Flow (connector) maps
  • Seat maps

(AnyMap gallery)

2. More Features.

All JS charts

Graphs and diagrams

  • Chart themes/palettes (demo)
  • Exclude/include data points
  • Context menu
  • Save data as XSLX and CSV
  • Save chart configuration as XML and JSON
  • String tokens
  • Chart statistics
  • Standalone chart elements
  • Tooltip settings improvement

(AnyChart docs)

Stock and financial charts

  • Drawing tools and annotations (demo)
  • Technical indicators — MACD, RSI, SMA, EMA, ROC, Aroon, and custom
  • Data grouping
  • Markers on data points
  • Range selection UI
  • Legend interactivity
  • Y-scale comparison mode (changes and percentage changes)

(AnyStock docs)

Gantt charts

  • Calendar support.
  • Smart timeline.
  • Event markers for time intervals and important events.
  • Timeline markers for multiple milestones.

(AnyGantt docs)


  • Drill down.
  • Longitude/latitude API.
  • Move/zoom API.
  • Rich integration of keyboard and mouse controls.
  • 13 map projections.

(AnyMap docs)

3. Easier to use.

  • Chart editor (demo).
  • Demos of business solutions including the following JavaScript (HTML5) dashboards:
    - Web Audience,
    - Human Resources,
    - Investment Portfolio,
    - Sales,
    - CIO,
    - Site Speed Overview,
    - States of the US.
  • Migration tool — a small library for easier transit from AnyChart 5/6 to 7.
  • 20+ technical integration templates and samples for easy JS/HTML5 data visualization with any popular technology stack:
    - ASP.NET — C# / C#, SignalR / VB.NET — MySQL,
    - Clojure — ClojureScript — PostgreSQL,
    - Go — (Revel) — MySQL,
    - iOS — Objective-C — SQLite,
    - Java Servlets — Maven, JDBC, JSP — MySQL,
    - Java Spring — Maven, Hibernate — MySQL,
    - Julia — MySQL,
    - NodeJS — (Express, Jade) / Socket.IO — MongoDB,
    - Perl — Catalyst — MySQL,
    - PHP — (Laravel / Slim / Symfony) — MySQL,
    - Python — Flask / Django — MySQL,
    - R — Shiny — MySQL,
    - Ruby — Rails / Sinatra — MySQL,
    - Scala — Akka / Play — MySQL.

4. Faster.

  • Performance improvement (speed test):
    - Less than 1s to render 250,000 data points,
    - Less than 60ms to stream 500 points.
  • Async rendering (docs)

5. New Products.

To sum up, 2016 was immensely intensive. But 2017 will be no less productive from the very beginning — we promise.

We wish you a peaceful, prosperous, and happy new year!

(The original article: http://www.anychart.com/blog/2016/12/26/anychart-js-charts-2016-year-in-review-look-how-much-was-done/.)

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